Welcome to the dinosaur park!

You are starting out on a journey into a time long, long ago. To guarantee that you can really enjoy a few carefree hours here, please make sure to be as considerate and careful as you would in any other situation. Above all, that means being responsible for yourself and others, and checking that you don’t break any of the unwritten rules of politeness.

When you enter the park or its car park, our park rules thus come into effect and are to be followed by all visitors.

  1. Parking

    1.1. The rules and signs of the German highway code apply in our car parks.

    1.2. To make sure that traffic flows smoothly, follow the instructions of our car park guards carefully. Only park your vehicle in the designated parking areas. If you park your vehicle outside these areas and thus pose an obstacle to traffic, your vehicle may be towed at your own cost and risk.

    1.3. When you leave your vehicle, make sure that all its windows and doors are locked and no valuables are in sight. We cannot provide compensation in cases of theft or damage. The same applies in the case of damage resulting from storms, fire, hail, explosions and other unusual events. Our duty to provide compensation shall apply if the damage is due to gross negligence on the part of the dinosaur park’s staff. Compensation can, however, only be guaranteed if you report the damage to our staff before leaving the park.

  2. Admission tickets

    2.1. Entry may only be gained to the dinosaur park premises via the designated visitor entrances with valid admission tickets.

    2.2. One-day admission tickets are only valid on the day they are purchased.

    2.3. Children less than 12 years of age may only enter the park accompanied by an adult.

    2.4. Family tickets are only issued to related family members.

    2.5. People who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied admission to the park or escorted off the park premises.

  3. General safety regulations

    3.1. Dogs are welcome guests, but must be kept on a lead. For safety purposes, please muzzle large dogs and use the dog hygiene sets found in the park.

    3.2. In the interests of the children and of safety, the park is a non-smoking area. Smoking is only allowed in the specially signposted areas.

    3.3. The ownership and bearing of weapons or dangerous items (pistols, knives, chains, knuckle-dusters, etc.) is not permitted on the park premises.

    3.4. In your own interests, follow staff instructions.

    3.5. For reasons of safety, bicycles, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, sleds, etc. may not be brought into the park.

  4. Using the theme park facilities and attractions

    4.1. In case of a power cut caused by a thunderstorm, storm or other event which leads to the stoppage of facilities and attractions, the price of admission may not be refunded as a whole or in part. The same is true if certain facilities are closed due to repairs, acts of God and inclement weather conditions (storms, thunderstorms, heavy rain, etc.).

    4.2. Please note that the dinosaur models are not suitable for climbing, and that this can cause severe damage (broken-off claws, teeth or delicate limbs, or severely abraded paint). If you fail to take this into account and are injured in the process, we are unable to accept any liability.

  5. Using the playground equipment

    5.1. The use of the playground equipment, play areas and all facilities is at your own risk.

    5.2. In accordance with DIN directives, children are not allowed to wear a bike helmet when using the playground equipment and attractions.

  6. Supervisory duty

    All parents and carers (e.g. those in charge of groups) are reminded of their duty of care, as we cannot release them from that duty. In that context, parents and carers also bear responsibility for any damage caused by those under their care.

  7. Limitation of liability

    7.1. Liability excludes items brought in by visitors and any damage resulting from the grossly negligent breach of the user’s duty or from a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the user’s legal representative or vicarious agent.

    7.2. If you discover a source of risk, please inform our staff at the ticket office building of this immediately.

  8. Reporting damage

    If damage occurs on the park premises, or if there are grounds to believe that damage could occur at a later stage due to an event or circumstances, this damage must be reported to the staff at the ticket office building on leaving the park premises. If the damage is not reported by that time, no compensation for damage may be claimed.

  9. Filming and photography

    Visual and audio recordings, apart for those made for private purposes, require the previous written consent of the management.

  10. House rules

    The dinosaur park is entitled to expel people from the premises should they violate the park rules or be found on the park premises without a valid admission ticket. In the latter case, the relevant cost of admission is also to be paid in retrospect.