Travel back through time to the age of the dinosaurs at Saurierpark

Can you imagine what our planet looked like a hundred million years ago? At that time, none of the continents had today’s familiar shapes, and dinosaurs and other reptiles reigned supreme on land, in the sea and in the air.

The life-size models at Saurierpark bring that era back to life. You can meet huge herbivores and look terrifying carnivorous dinosaurs straight in the eye.

Find answers to questions such as: Where did the dinosaurs come from? Why did they die out? And how did such an incredible diversity of species develop? Find answers to questions such as: Where did the dinosaurs come from? Why did they die out? And how did such an incredible diversity of species develop?

Entertaining activities and exciting play areas will make a visit to the Dinosaur Park an unforgettable experience for all the family!

In the realm of the dinosaurs

Stop-offs on a journey through prehistory

The Pond
The most popular place for photos is by the pond with brachiosaurus and diplodocus, the two giants of the Jurassic period. Prehistoric flying lizards glide majestically across the water.

Adventure playground
There are adventures aplenty in this turreted wooden castle. Hold on tight! The nets and ropes swing and sway and there are lots of other obstacles along the way. If you make it right to the top, you’ll find yourself eye to eye with the giant brachiosaurus. Then whiz down the slide to the bottom again.

The Palaeozoic Era
Everything has to start somewhere. It was in this period that the first dinosaurs began to evolve. There’s a great trampoline here too.

Tyrannosaurus Rex
The undisputed King of the Cretaceous period and probably the best known dinosaur of them all.

Climbing zone
The climbing wall and low ropes course provide climbing enthusiasts with a real challenge.

Underwater world
Stand on the seabed and discover the world of the water-dwelling dinosaurs. Just next to this there’s a great film at the Dino Flicks: ‘Last years of the dinosaurs’. The DVD is for sale at the entrance.

Archaeological Dig
Most dinosaurs were just found one day during archaeological excavations – sometimes whole ones, but mostly just fragments. Our excavation site gives children the opportunity to experience this sense of discovery for themselves – there are lots of surprises hidden in the sand!

Spaceship Restaurant
If you’ve worked up a thirst or an appetite, then come to our Spaceship Restaurant. There are lots of tasty things to eat and drink and, for the fast eaters, there are plenty of exciting things to see and do nearby.

Planets Playground
The heart of the Dinosaur Park is the Planets Playground. This will one day form the entrance area to the park, though you’ll need a bit of imagination to picture it at the moment. Still, it already offers lots of exciting experiences, including a multimedia journey to the centre of the Earth and the chance to send an earthly greeting into space.

General notes

There are lots of things to climb and play on in the Park but visitors are advised that they should not climb on the dinosaur models and that they are liable for any damage caused.

Dogs may be brought into the Park but must be kept on the lead.

There are lockers by the entrance where items may be left free of charge.

Trailers for tired tots
Trailers to transport children who get tired are available at the entrance.

Opening times

March 25th until October 31st
April – June/September/October/November from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
July/August from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Franz Gruss Dinosaur Garden

Your ticket also entitles you to entry to the adjacent Dinosaur Garden. This was originally a private exhibition opened in 1978 by the Gruß family. Go on the trail of dinosaurs, giant apes and prehistoric people and enjoy fascinating panoramic scenes of the lives of our ancestors!


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